Hey guys!

Although I've been a lover of art my whole life, I actually began this business when I went to college. 

I have been in the wedding industry for about two years now and I absolutely LOVE it!

I got married July 22, 2017 to the love of my life and best husband ever, Brennan Joseph Maddox :) We are passionate about making the name of Christ known through our marriage.

Making my own invitations for our wedding is what began my love for designing and creating wedding invitations! I also just love weddings and marriage because I believe marriage was ordained by God, and it is a wonderful gift. It's so fun and such an honor to be able to work with brides and be a part of their exciting journey!

I love people and I truly care about my clients. I want to do my best to make their wedding items as unique and beautiful as I can!

I would love to know some more about you, so please do not hesitate to ask questions and tell me your story! I know it is beautiful :)


Thanks for stopping by, friend!

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